How long does an orthodontic treatment last?

Since orthodontic treatment is always an elective procedure for which the patient decides on his/her own after extensive consultation with the orthodontist, we attach great importance to achieving the shortest possible treatment times for our patients.

We make a distinction in treatment between an active phase during which the teeth are moved, and a subsequent passive phase (retention phase or stabilisation phase), in which the teeth are held and stabilised in their new positions.

The duration of active treatment depends on the aim of the treatment: very mild malocclusions can often be corrected within a few months whereas comprehensive active treatment usually lasts two to three years and in rare cases even longer.

The length of the retention period also varies greatly. However, long-lasting retention has been proven by using a fixed retainer, a thin wire that is glued to the back surface of the front teeth. For this reason, we recommend a retainer after each treatment so that you can enjoy your straight teeth even longer.

Treatment Duration